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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

houseplants that produce oxygen

 10 houseplants that produce oxygen and clean the air in the house In recent years, the amount of air pollution that humans have to deal with is increasing, and not only trees outside, but also indoor plants are needed to breathe clean air in our homes and workplaces. And the simple solution is in the power of Mother Nature! In today’s list, we have compiled 10 houseplants that produce oxygen and clean the air in the home. Check them out! They not only produce more oxygen but also absorb carbon and many other toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and carbon monoxide. They bring fresh air to help you breathe easily and also give your home a lush space close to nature. In addition, they are easy to grow with basic care. If you give them a small space like a tabletop, window, corner in your home, they will grow well. 1 Dragon tree Dragon wood is a subtropical plant that has strong purifying properties, and it filters xylene, a chemical released from paints, cigarettes,

indoor succulent plants

 The most popular indoor succulent plants that you can easily grow Succulent plants are easy-to-grow plants with low maintenance, they are slow-growing and require very little irrigation. Also, there are many different types of succulents that not only have unusual shapes and forms but also come in many unique colors. If you like succulents and want to explore their world, check out the most popular indoor succulents you can easily grow now! All succulent plants are susceptible to all conditions. That is why they are more than capable of withstanding the hot and dry conditions of your home. Some can grow indoors to decorate the house more efficiently, while others live indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for beginner gardeners and those who forget to water their indoor plants. 1 string pearl The string of pearls is the perfect flesh for the indoor hanging basket. It shows small, rounded green balls on its stems. 2 panda plant Panda is a velvety, green succulent plant with

10 The most common potato diseases and pests

 The most common potato diseases and pests, some ways to get rid of them Your potato is having some problems and you are on track to find a way out. Look no further, you are reading the correct post. Perhaps this vegetable is the most common potato plant that fights pests and diseases. Like other plants, potatoes are susceptible to a variety of pests and diseases, including growth problems, shedding, or even death of your plants. We have listed the 14 most common potato diseases and pests and you should know some ways to get rid of them. Potatoes are one of the most popular vegetables and they easily get some problems that affect the yield. All plants are susceptible to a variety of diseases and pests and potatoes are no exception. Therefore, in order to harvest high yields and quality, you need to look for common potato pests and diseases as soon as possible. These are common problems that every potato gardener experiences when growing. After reading this information, we h

Houseplants You Can Grow in Water

5  Houseplants You Can Grow in Water - No Soil Needed Although soil is an important foundation for plant care, it can sometimes cause pain. Whether it is messing up your floor or attracting insects and bacteria into your home, there are definitely many problems that can be solved without soil. But how can plants grow without soil? If you have ever tried to reproduce or looked at hydroponic systems, you know that some plants do not really need soil to grow. They are only happy in the water. Many plants will only last a few seasons if grown this way, while others will last for many years with proper care. By cutting off a cut from one of the existing plants and pouring it into a glass filled only with water and fertilizer, new and long-lasting plants can be grown at no cost. In addition, you never have to worry about cleaning the mess out of the pot or putting it back on. Choose one of these seven plants for a long-lasting water-based indoor garden. They do not require filter

Natural Pest Traps

 Useful Natural Pest Traps for Your Healthy Organic Garden You know that when it comes to garden insect repellents, most people think quickly about the types of pesticides that cause side effects. However, most solutions bought in the store are expensive and dangerous to your health. Fortunately, there is another effective way to get rid of them, which uses natural traps. So, if you are looking for ways to get rid of harmful pests from your garden, you can check out the best solutions with us in today’s post! You know that when it comes to garden insect repellents, most people think quickly about the types of pesticides that cause side effects. However, most solutions bought in the store are expensive and dangerous to your health. Fortunately, there is another effective way to get rid of them, which uses natural traps. So, if you are looking for ways to get rid of harmful pests from your garden, you can check out the best solutions with us in today’s post! 1 apple codling m

herbs garden growing with amazing health benefits

8 rare herbs you will love in the garden growing with amazing health benefits Parsley, basil, and thyme are common herbs, also available in your kitchen and garden. They are popular and do well with other vegetables and plants to make the garden variety. However, do you want to enhance the garden by growing rare herbs to enhance the fun of the herb garden? Today, we present the 10 rare herbs you love growing in the garden with amazing health benefits. Like other herbs, it is easy to grow with basic care. In addition to having excellent characteristics for cooking, they also bring a wide range of good things for human health. So, why not spend these extraordinary herbs, herbs with exotic flavors, maneuvers, and all sorts of medicinal benefits in the garden. Read on to unlock their secrets! 1 Epazote Epazote contains an extensive array of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, and C, natural calcium, manganese, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc.

12 Stunning Plants For Your Steep Slopes

 Stunning plants for your steep slopes If you are looking for landscaping plants for steep slopes, check out 12 amazing plants today. They are perfect for landscaping purposes as an alternative to traditional grass lawns. In addition, they will build retaining walls to retain your soil. Like a well-designed house with a floor covered with nice carpets and rugs, your garden will look great when you grow these plants as ground cover to cover the empty ground. 1 Japanese Yew Japanese Yew grows well in planting zones 4 to 7, reaching a height of 2.5 feet and a width of 9 feet. This will produce red berries. 2 roses Underground roses are one of the best solutions for steep hills. Most of them perform well in zones 5 to 11 and can reach heights of about 3-feet. They are easy to grow with very little care. 3 Vinca Vinca is aggressive and works well in zones 4 to 8. It loves the sun and tolerates little shade. 4 English Ivy English Ivy grows well in zones 4 to 9 and can reach 80-fe

Kalanchoe Care: Tips to help your flowering Calancho thrive indoors

 Tips to help your flowering Kalanchoe thrive indoors Flowering Kalanchoe plants are reasonably low-maintenance houseplants that attract you to the center of the garden due to their abundant, cheerful, small flowers. Although the leaves are good, it is amazing to see these plants being sold when they are not in bloom. Often these poor indoor plants are discarded after a flowering time. Paying a little attention to kalanchoe care will ensure that your plants thrive throughout the year. Keeping in mind that there are many varieties of Kalanchoe panda (Kalanchoe domentosa), paddle plant (Kalanchoe thyrciflora), and mother of thousands (Kalanchoe dichremontiana), I'm going to focus on the flowering Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana) you can buy at the garden center, grocery store, grocery store, grocery store Can be found in late and early winter. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is often labeled "Kalanchoe" as a common name in plant tags. Also known as Flamingo Katie, Ch

6 Common Weeds and Effective Ways to Control They in Your Garden

 Weeds and Effective Ways to Control They in Your Garden Have you ever thought that you do not need to deal with weeds when they come out of the meadow? After reading today's post, you will never have to murmur about them again. That's chickens - one of the new soldiers who will help you get rid of weeds in your garden. So, in today's post, we have listed a collection of 8 common weeds that your chickens love to eat. Check them out with us! Although these weeds can be harmful to your garden, they are also considered fresh greens that are nutritious for your chicken. At the same time, you can save money on chicken feed instead of buying expensive feed outside. Another great benefit of feeding weeds to chickens is that it gives you a reason to maintain your garden and enjoy nature. If you are interested in feeding weeds to your chickens for all the wonderful benefits, the easiest way to do that is to allow them within the free-range on your property. When they wan

10 Awesome hacks for maintaining houseplants on a low budget

 hacks for maintaining houseplants on a low budget Growing houseplants can help make your living space more fresh and green, however, if you do not know how to do it properly, maintaining them can be a daunting and expensive task. Don’t worry, in this post today we will share 15 amazing hacks for maintaining houseplants on a low budget. Check them out! Do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers, but you have a perfectly healthy indoor garden with a wide range of nutrients. All these can be easily solved by these hacks here. Give them a try for the first time and you will find that they are not only effective but also very safe, economical, and environmentally friendly. Besides, simple items like eggshells, coffee grounds, wine bottles, and a few steps can be easily made ... To know more about them, read now! 1 Use Chopstick to Support Vine or Young Plants You can use wooden chopsticks to support small plants. 2 Use eggshell parts or blank cardboard egg box for seed You c

8 Best Natural Insecticides

 8 Best Natural Insecticides You Can Use In The Garden Many people use chemical pesticides to get rid of pests that feed on their plants. However, it can be harmful to humans and cause destruction in the soil. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives, some of which can be found in your home with tomato leaves, orange peels, salt, and more. In today’s post, we will write about using them and converting them into organic pesticides to protect the process growth of your crops. Using natural pesticides for the garden is the safest and best way because they are inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and effective. This is one of the best ways to reduce the amount of waste in the environment and to avoid the use of chemicals that are not good for health. And all the good uses are collected here and you spend your time exploring them and you will be amazed at the good results they can bring. Read on to learn more about these natural pesticides and their superpowers working in y

9 simple ways to keep your cut flowers fresh for a long time

 keep your cut flowers fresh for a long time There is nothing better than enjoying a bouquet of freshly cut flowers that are often at home, aren’t there? It is very difficult to appreciate your wonderful bouquet for a long time because the next morning you will see a pile of petals scattering around the vase. Do not despair, we have compiled 9 simple and easy tricks to help you protect your flowers, so they will last longer and extend the joy they bring to your home. Check them out! It does not matter if you grow flowers in your garden or buy your flowers from a florist, today these ways can help keep your flowers fresh for a long time. These are all simple, effective, and inexpensive. You can subsidize their disappearance from the main plant or prevent bacterial growth in stagnant water, there are several ways to accomplish these two goals. Anyway, we hope they are useful for you to keep your cut flowers alive for a long time. Read on to know the details. 1. Change the wat