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what nutrient deficiency causes yellow leaves

plant nutrient deficiency

If we are not sick, our bodies will show various symptoms. The body is tired and has a headache. Similarly, if the plant is not sick or lacks nutrients, it will show through the leaf first. At the same time, there are many reasons why the leaf of a plant may turn yellow. In the spring the leaves are shed and new leaves germinate again. Plants rest just as we rest. Sometimes the lower leaves age and fall off the repair. All of this can happen naturally. Apart from this, there are many reasons why the leaves turn yellow and burn. Let's see about them.

Too much water

This is a mistake that everyone can make. Watering the plants more than they need. This makes it difficult for the roots to breathe out of the oxygen in the soil and as the water stagnates the roots rot and the leaves turn yellow and the fruit will crack due to too much water.

Give the right amount of water. Buy a wet meter and let the water look at the soil moisture. The roots can be porking around the tree plant to breathe properly. If it is a tank plant, make a hole in the bottom for the water to drain out.


Too much water will slowly attack the plants but water scarcity is vulnerable. If water is not left for two days it will turn completely yellow or burn and die. Even if the plant is kept intact, the fruiting and flowering of the pods will be greatly reduced.

Soil moisture can be tested and then watered. Reduce watering during the rainy season and leave it daily in the morning or evening during the summer. Roots should be encouraged to grow well. Perhaps if you have less water you can select and grow drought-tolerant crops.

 cold stress

Plants are good when the sun and cold alternate but if there is constant sun or rain it can severely affect the plants. Thus vegetable crops are affected especially the tip leaves turn yellow.

Once the conditions change the plants will return to their old state .use a frost blanket or bucket to cover your plants in the evening.

Pest Attack

The leaves turn yellow as the plants turn yellow due to the impact of pests or diseases, especially the sap-sucking insects absorb the chlorophyll on the plant. And the leaves turn yellow due to the impact of viral diseases. To control this, keep the area clean without weeds. Spray with natural insect repellent once in ten days.

Sun Light

Sunlight is very important for plants to prepare food. The leaves of the plants turn yellow if the required sunlight is not available. Similarly, plants that need half the sunlight will turn their leaves yellow if they get full sunlight. Yellowing leaves on the bottom or inside of a usually thick plant. In cases of heat stress, leaves will yellow and burn in spots.

Plants will look better if the yellow leaves are removed. It takes at least 6 hours per plant and 3 to 4 hours for plants that need half as much. So choose the right place.

Nutrient deficiency

The most important nutrients for plants to grow are the nutrients in the soil. When they wither the plants show a variety of symptoms, often the leaves turn yellow or the plants grow stunted. Plants take nutrients from the soil so they can be planted in the home garden by testing the soil and knowing the soil fertility

plant nutrient deficiency pictures


The leaves turn yellow as more fertilizer is applied and the crop picks it up. The pH level of the soil also changes. To avoid this, give natural fertilizer at regular intervals.


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