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How to Control Most Destructive Insect Japanese beetle

 japanese beetle control

Insect species include beneficial insects and harmful insects. The Japanese beetle is a beetle that can be very harmful to such pests. The impact of these beetles can destroy more than 300 of our home-grown vegetable crops, such as ornamental plants and horticultural crops. In this article, we will look at this beetle and how to control it naturally.

Skeleton Leaves

All insects eat leaves. But this Japanese beetle is the most favorite foliage so it leaves the veins of the leaf and eats the rest so the plants look like Skeleton. Whereas some other insects eat similarly. So to make sure this insect is half an inch long it has metallic blue-green heads, copper-colored backs, tan wings, and small white hairs lining each side of the abdomen.

Precautionary measure before controlling Japanese beetle

Generally any pre-cautionary measure can control 80% of any pests. Keep your garden clean. Remove plants that are not OK. If there are rotten vegetables and diseased fruits, remove them and it will attract the Japanese beetle.

Choose the right plants. With this you can control a little. Beans, for example, are more susceptible to beetle infestation. Or take appropriate precautionary measures if beans are desired.

japanese beetle grub control

This Japanese beetle has two life cycles per season. To control grubs, take two tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap and pour 1 gallon of water on it.

japanese beetle killer homemade

Row covers - will keep the pests out, but they will keep pollinators out, too; be sure to remove them if your crops need to be pollinated.

Hand Pick - A great way to destroy beetles. Mix the dishwashing soap + water in a bucket and put the beetles (wear the hand gloves) to destroy it.

Neem Oil

Mix dishwashing soap + water with neem oil and spray once in 10 days. Maybe spray again if it rains after you spray.

 Japanese Beetle Traps

Japanese beetle traps can be helpful in controlling large numbers of beetles, but they also might attract beetles from beyond your yard. The Eugenol and geraniol in it attract and destroy the beetles.


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