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Raised bed garden vegetables

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Garden is your first choice if you want to grow more and more vegetables in less space. ok, now it may seem that what is the benefit of putting this, you will get four times more than the yield you get when planting in a row. We can do this on our own. If you do not have space for a balcony or terrace, a Raised bed is available in suitable shapes. This method can be chosen if the soil in your home garden is not good. In this article, we will see what is the benefit of putting Raised Bed Garden and Best type Garden

Benefits Of Raised Bed Garden

➡ Helps vegetable plants to grow regardless of the surrounding soil when the soil is not fertile. If the soil is affected by diseases, the soil can be removed and replaced

➡ Easy Garden Maintenance Weeds can be easily controlled. It is enough to give only the required amount of water.

➡ More vegetables can be produced in less space if the required amount of natural fertilizer is given

➡ Better Soil Drainage Raised beds to help the soil drain better.

➡ Pest diseases are easy to monitor and control

Success Tips For Raised Beds

Decide what sizes and shapes of beds are needed and make or buy accordingly. However, a square or rectangular raised bed that is 3 ft * 3 ft or 3 ft * 4 ft is ideal keeping in view the accessibility.

Soil mixture Garden soil can be prepared in the ratio of 60% vermicompost to 20% and 20%. The clay you prepare should hold the water you pour. Otherwise, the natural fertilizers will be washed away with the water.

Use only Raised Beds 2 or 3 harvests that you prepare. Next, prepare and use fresh sand.

What vegetables can grow Raised beds

Plan exactly what vegetables you are going to grow Decide whether you are going to grow only one vegetable or several vegetables. Raised beds are ideal for sowing tomato seeds, bean seeds, lettuce seeds, capsicum seeds, brinjal seeds, and more.

Few Types of Raised Beds 

Raised Garden Bed With Wheels

This type may use your balcony area 

Simple raised bed with 4 × 4 posts

Can make cedar or redwood. It is naturally rot-resistant

Fabric Raised Bed

This type is available at very low prices. Available in 6 different sizes

Corten Steel Raised Garden Bed

Those who think that the wooden bed will rot due to frequent heavy rains can try the Steel Raised Bed.

Foot Living Raised Garden Bed

If you have very little space you can use this type of bed

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