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Most Destructive pest In Tomato plant

pest of tomato

Tomatoes are an important vegetable in our daily diet. Very tasty can give our body the nutrients it needs. Growing this tomato plant in our home garden can cause a lot of pest infestation and damage to our tomato plant. In this article, we will look at the worms and pests that attack tomatoes and how to control them.

Right plants Right Place

There are two types of tomatoes. One type is determinate and grows to a certain general height and then stops. The second type is indeterminate and has no such limit. So you can choose the short grow tomato variety. This is because the tomato plant is easily susceptible to pests if it remains in the same place so the plant can be transplanted alternately.

pest on tomato plants

Tomato fruit worm

We would have grown the tomato plant with difficulty. When the pods grow large and ripen, they can easily attack the tomato and break the hole. It affects not only the tomato plant but also vegetables such as soybeans, peppers, tobacco, beans, okra, and eggplant. The fruitworm will be moth light yelloyish color. and all wings have dark spot. The moths lay their eggs under the moth leaves and the worms eat the tomatoes. This fruitworm is about one inch long. If the tomato plant has two or three, the fruit will be emptied.

Check the leaves daily for eggs. Remove the leaf if any. Predators for tomato fruitworms include minute pirate bugs, bigeyed bugs, the parasite trichogramma and Hyposoter exiguae wasps. Sprinkle ginger garlic solution once in 10 days

Stink Bugs and Leaffooted Bugs

Although there are many types of bugs, these two types of bugs can cause the most damage to the tomato plant. Absorbs the green in the leavesTomatoes can also cause damage to the fruit. The Stink Bug is green and the Leaffooted Bug is brown. Both will spread a kind of foul odor. They affect almost 52 species of plants, including orghum, eggplant, potato, tomato, peach, strawberry, okra, and watermelon.

Controlling these pests is a little difficult Keep your garden clean and remove weeds if any. Trap crops can be planted around your garden. You should mix oil with soap and water and spray once in 10 days.

Aphids - how to get rid of aphids on tomato plant

Although it is a small insect to look at, the damage it can cause is very high. These aphids, which absorb the sap from the leaves, can be extinguished and can attack and damage vegetable crops. This aphid can multiply in 7 to 10 days.

The most affected tomato plant or leaves should be uprooted.

Beat the water fast. Do this daily until the aphids are completely gone

Take two cups of tomato leaf and pour 2 cups of water with it and keep it overnight and spray the next day.


Most Destructive Pest Tomato is Hornworm. A large caterpillar can be almost one to two inches long. These large caterpillars will eat non stop and can quickly defoliate large parts of tomato plants, creating spotted and chewed leaves, and sometimes also eating the fruit.

Take large worms by hand and remove them. Bacillus thuringiensis should be sprayed once in 10 days

Some Tips tomato pest control

Surrounding your tomato plants with marigolds seems to work well for me. Additionally, make sure you don’t plant them near any plants that tend to attract too many bugs to begin with - such as nasturtiums. Aphids tend to flock to nasturtiums and in my experience, fly right over to whatever is nearby once their preferred plant is dead.

The tomato plant should be planted at close range without planting too close.

Trap crops can be planted around the tomato crop

You can put both the yellow and blue driving card

Take care of the tomato plant daily and if there are eggs, remove them.

Weeds should be completely removed

Bacillus thuringiensis should be sprayed once in 10 days

Aphids insecticidal soap neem oil extract

Tomato Fruitworms

& Hornworms Bacillus thuringiensis (B.t.)

spinosad pyrethrin neem oil extract

Leaf-footed Bugs & Stink Bugs - horticultural oil


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