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organic pest control destructive insect is the hornworm

 The most destructive insect is the hornworm

Whether it is your home garden or an ornamental plant, two worms will eat a plant. That alone will destroy your garden if there are ten worms. The worm's name is Horn Worm. Despite its green color, it is called by its horn. There are two types

Tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta)

Tomato hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata)

The two are almost identical in that the horns on its tail are reddish Tobacco hornworm and black on Tomato hornworm. Although they attack all crops, Solanaceae (nightshade) family: eggplants, peppers, tobacco, and potatoes. We will see how to control the hornworm in this article

organic pest control garden - Hornworm 

These worm-eaten adults they’re commonly called sphinx or hummingbird moths. These lay their eggs at the base of the plant. In five to seven days the worms will start eating the leaves from the top of the plant. Grows up to 10 inches in a week. Often the attack of these worms is at night. Can't see much during the day. Thus the leaves of the plant would have disappeared. Dark green or black droppings are left by the larvae feeding on the leaves.

organic pest control the hornworm

Hornworm Hand-Picking Techniques

Do not be afraid of spilling because of the horn. We can easily take this worm by the hand and destroy it. Search from the top of the plant is often at the base of the leaf. It can be taken by hand and destroyed or crushed by pouring water in bulk. Maintain the home garden naturally so that beneficial pests will come to your garden. For example, braconid wasps feed inside the hornworms and then pupate in rice-size white cocoons. Most gardeners have a live-and-let-live policy for parasitized hornworms.

Neem oil

Hornworms always eat chewed. This worm can not be completely eradicated by hand. So you have to spray the oil after taking it by hand as its bitterness will not eat the plants. Spray regularly at intervals of ten days

Control Adult

The larvae lay their eggs under the adult plants and the larvae attack the plants. To control this, take care of your home garden daily. Lamps can be placed to control if there is too much attack.

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