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how to get rid of fire ants in vegetable garden

how to get rid of fire ants naturally

First of all, is this fire ant good or bad? The answer depends on the location of the fire ant. If the fire ant is in a barren land it will turn into fertile land and narrow land into light land. But if it is in your lawn or home garden it will affect your plants and your lawn roots. Bacteria and viruses spread from one plant to another. Fire ants will be itchy for a few days to bite you. It has the potential to come into your home as well. So let’s see in this article how to control these fire ants.

These ants are a mixture of red and black. If you see a fire ant in your garden there will be several hundred around it. To control this, it is not enough to give only the servant ants, you have to give the mounds with it and also the queen ant inside it.

Impact of Fire Ants 

Indoor and outdoor potted plants, Lawns, and garden plants ants will attack and fruit trees Citrus, Apple And fig.

If you sowing new seeds in your gardens,  Ants will take that home 

Ants will impact such landscaping plants Roses, Pythagoras, Magnolia, Camellia, Asale, Lilliputia, Murray,

Ants do not impact directly only an indirect impact Ants form a symbiotic relationship with honeydew-producing and plant-sap-sucking insects such as aphids, scale, psyllids, mealybugs, whitefly, and leafhoppers. Various plants prone to sap-sucking pests

Hot Water Treatment

This hot water is an easy natural painkiller to destroy an ant mound. Bring the water to a boil of 100 c and pour that water mound. Doing so is likely to destroy the queen ant. But if there is a mound near the plants in the home garden do not follow this method as it will affect the roots of the plants.

Ants mount near the plant

If you are on the side of plants, instead of hot water, mix garlic + ginger + salt and pour the mount. You can also spray this if there are a lot of ants on the plants

using fire ant bait

You can use fire ant bait if the fire ants are high and the mounds are high. Mound treatments contain acephate, which is a slow-acting poison that will eventually kill the fire ants. The fire ants will eat the poison and share it with the queen, which works to slowly wipe out the whole colony. if granular bait attract fire ants easily

smart tips for fire ants control

Usually, if there is a fire in your garden it will come for nectar or aphid pests on the plant. That means come to your garden for food and build the mount.

Keep the lawn and garden clean. Find and destroy the fire ant mount when it is small.

Before You need to check any ants have in the plants bring them indoors 


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