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shrubs to withstand the heat of summer days

 10 best shrubs to withstand the heat of summer days

When bad weather appears during summer days it threatens the health of many plants. But this doesn't have to mean the end of enjoying your favorite beautiful flowers. In fact, there are many other flower species that can show their own beauty in harsh sunlight. If you want to bring a breath of brilliant summer into your garden design, you can plant some shrubs below.

Not only do the plants suffer, but the hot weather with rising temperatures makes most gardeners tired of working in the garden. Therefore, it is very necessary and beneficial to plant annual and perennial plants that flower profusely throughout the season. Growing them improves the landscape and brings horticultural benefits such as air regulation, temperature reduction, psychological comfort, and human health. Check out the 10 best shrubs to withstand the heat of summer days below!

Container gardening tipsπŸ‘‡

1 Fothergilla

Fothergilla is a flowering shrub that grows well in zones 4-8. The hardy plant displays beautiful, fragrant flowers in spring with stunning yellow leaves tipped with pink or red. And when autumn comes, the leaves change color.

2 Pink

Lilac is a sun-loving shrub that does well in zones 2-7. This plant blooms pale purple or white flowers with a pleasant fragrance. You can choose from a variety of shorter and taller options to find the perfect height for your yard.

3 Jetstream Oakleaf Hydrangea

Jetstream oakleaf hydrangea is a hardy and sturdy plant that prefers to grow in cool climates in zones 5-8. It has large leaves and stiff white flowers. In the fall, the plant creates orange and red hues in your landscape.

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5 put in your vegetable planting holes

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Rid of rats

4 Lantana

The flowering plant grows well in zones 8-11 and can reach a maximum height of 6 feet. The flower exudes a unique scent – ​​with hints of fruit in petrol.

5 'Goldfinger' Potentilla

'Goldfinger' Potentilla grows well in zones 2-8 and produces stunning bright yellow flowers that hang around for months. This plant is a great way to keep deer away from your flowers because of its green leaves.

6 Mock Orange

Mock Orange is a beautiful shrub with stunning flowers that emit a sweet fragrance when in bloom. For happy growth, give it a spot in full sun.

Aphid Control Tips πŸ‘‡

7 Oleander

Oleander can grow up to 20 feet tall in zones 8-11. It has beautiful flowers, but the leaves are poisonous, so watch out for your children and pets when growing this plant in your yard.

8 'Rose Satin' Rose of Sharon

The shrub brings a wild, beautiful aesthetic to the landscape by creating soft petals and protruding centers. Also, its beautiful flowers attract butterflies and bees to your yard. Prune the plant after the last frost to help it grow well throughout the year.

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9 The Korean spice viburnum

Korean spice viburnum thrives in zones 4-8, producing flowers before the leaves begin to develop. When spring comes the flowers will form in clusters. It easily adapts to any type of garden and container as long as it gets full sun.

10 Japanese flowering quince

Japanese flowering quince likes to grow in sunny areas. Grow the shrub in the yard and you'll enjoy the beauty of the lush greenery before seeing the brilliant flowers that come in shades of pink, peach, and coral.

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