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weed management in home garden

 Take out weeds from your home garden

If any gardener asks you what kind of work you plan to do in the garden first, most people's answers will probably be weed management. Here a question may arise as to why most weeds are of good or medicinal value and then should be picked. The important thing you need to understand at this point is that being unnecessary is for example if there is a Creeping Charlie in the middle of ten tomato plants in your home garden it is weed. Those weeds will take up the nutrients available to the plant that competes with your tomato plant in space and will be a haven for water-absorbing pests and diseases. In this article, we will look at some important weed management and how to control them.

 We cannot stop weeds from coming. So whether it is a lawn or a garden, weeding should be done regularly. Usually, the seeds of a weed are spread from one place to another by air or by birds. The seeds of weeds are the ones that can stay dormant for a long time and they will germinate when the required conditions come.


This type of weed is more common in plants. These weeds are broadleaf perennials. The root of the grown weed plant can be up to 10 inches deep. It will continue to sprout from the root even if you take the part above. To control this you need to root. You can toss these dandelions off the plant and use them as food so you can toss them in a salad or sauté them as long as you have not exposed them to any herbicides.


This Crabgrass produces 150,000 seeds from a single plant. For example, driveways and sidewalks where soil warms faster. Seed germination is more common in these areas. The best way to control this is to take root by hand. Natural herbicides should be sprayed to prevent re-germination after taking.

Clover weed

These weeds attract more competition and pests to our main crop so there are no problems other than causing problems for the other crop. In particular, this weed absorbs atmospheric nitrogen and retains it in the soil. Its flowers attract bees and help them pollinate. This perennial groundcover produces three leaflets atop a long stem and small rounded white or pink flowers. To control this, it should be taken out when it is small.

Creeping Charlie

Commonly we know ground ivy. This type of weed is a perennial plant that lives for two years. Areas with a lot of shade can easily get these weeds in areas that do not have proper drainage. The blue flowers are from April to June and it is difficult to control. Its roots are spread like a flag. If this is not taken root, the plant will continue to germinate again. To control this, make sure that the sun is high. Give your home garden plants the right amount of water and proper drainage.


These weeds look like moss roses. The seeds germinate at 90f heat with small yellow flowers spreading along the ground. To control this weed should be uprooted by hand.

weed management

The seeds of weeds continue to germinate in the soil. It cannot be completely destroyed but can be controlled. It is enough to focus on the little things to control weeds.


Weeds grow faster than plants if the amount of nitrogen is high. Therefore, the right amount of fertilizer should be given to houseplants or lawn

Weeds management can in three ways

Pulling by hand

Removing with a hoe

Using an organic weed control

Weeds usually start germinating on the 2nd or 3rd day after the rains. As for the weeds, they should be taken when they are small without leaving them until they grow big. It is easy for us to take root.

Weeds that have grown slightly larger should be avoided by hand. If we do so, weed hoe can be used to prevent the plant from re-emerging from the soil with the plant in half.


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