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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

Happen if you use vinegar in the garden

 These 12 miracles happen if you use vinegar in the garden You all know how toxic chemicals are, and your garden will not benefit much from them. Although there are a lot of these chemical-based products on the market, they are not safe for your garden and environment. Why not try a natural remedy instead? Vinegar is a wonderful option that works just like chemicals, but instead of destroying our environment, it really helps and is completely safe to use. White distilled vinegar has many uses in the garden. Read on and discover the uses of this wonderful vinegar: Top 12 uses of white vinegar in the garden: 1. Prevent cats and insects Dogs, cats, rodents, spies, and rabbits hate vinegar. If the pet cat next to you has a habit of coming into your garden, spray white vinegar around that area so you can not see it anywhere near your home. You can soak old clothes in vinegar and hang them on the trees around your garden. After showering, add more vinegar. 2. Your clay pots will