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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

organic pest control destructive insect is the hornworm

 The most destructive insect is the hornworm Whether it is your home garden or an ornamental plant, two worms will eat a plant. That alone will destroy your garden if there are ten worms. The worm's name is Horn Worm. Despite its green color, it is called by its horn. There are two types Tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta) Tomato hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata) The two are almost identical in that the horns on its tail are reddish Tobacco hornworm and black on Tomato hornworm. Although they attack all crops, Solanaceae (nightshade) family: eggplants, peppers, tobacco, and potatoes. We will see how to control the hornworm in this article organic pest control garden - Hornworm  These worm-eaten adults they’re commonly called sphinx or hummingbird moths. These lay their eggs at the base of the plant. In five to seven days the worms will start eating the leaves from the top of the plant. Grows up to 10 inches in a week. Often the attack of these worms is at night. Can't