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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

How to Grow Climbing Beans

 How to Grow Climbing Beans in Your Pot and Garden Beautiful climbing bean is a great choice for any garden. Sometimes referred to as runner beans, polar beans are available in green-potted and yellow-pot wax varieties. They require very little space, give good harvests, and thrive naturally in the wet, resisting diseases because their leaves dry out easily on the vine. A lush climbing bean that yields for a long time, tasty, fatty beans should be eaten mostly raw. The basketball player of the vegetable garden, the climbing bean can measure ten feet in height. Kids love planting them for their 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. ' Scarlet Runner ', an old type of climbing bean, was first used as an ornamental plant when they have introduced to Europe from their native Mexico 400 years ago. How do you grow climbing beans? Dwarf or runner? Many gardeners prefer dwarf or bush beans, as well as tomatoes and peas. An important factor for gardeners who want to grow tall bea