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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

10 Colorful Aglaonema Types You Can Grow!

Colorful Aglaonema Types You Can Grow! Enliven any home, backyard, or workplace by elevating one of the many colorful Aglaonemas! Learn to choose your favorite one from our checklist. Evergreen or Aglonoma, the Chinese language, is one of the best houseplants that thrive in every indoor growing environment. Its beautiful appearance, vibrant colors, and ability to purify the air make it an excellent houseplant. For those who want to add it to your assortment, choose one from our checklist of the most colorful acronyms! Very colorful Aglaonema 1. Pink Aglaonema If a limit is not precisely identified, look for pink Aglaonema both online and offline, and you will find numerous choices rising within each interior and exterior. 2. Female Valentine This plant looks beautiful with unusually large oval-shaped leaves that sparkle large with dark-green-colored edges in pink and burning pink. 3. Inexperienced papaya This tropical crop looks beautiful as a result of its calcareous inexp