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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

3 Causes of white spots on tomato leaves

White spots on tomato leaves On a regular day, the tomato has shiny green leaves that symbolize a healthy and happy plant. But, as many tomato gardeners know, that is not always the case. Tomato leaves often turn yellow to brown and purple. These are usually the first signs of a health problem and should be corrected immediately to protect your harvest. 1. Powdery mildew Powdery mildew caused by a variety of fungi is a common disease of tomato plants. Avoiding this is not easy as it is often carried by insects such as air currents and aphids. Powdery mildew is most prevalent when the temperature is hot and dry or hot and humid for a long time. The fungus can also leave the winter in plant debris and manure, coming out when conditions are right. It forms a powdery white or gray dust in cracks on the surface of the leaves and stems. It usually starts at the base of the leaves, which can be difficult to catch when starting. Young leaves of plants are more likely to develop fun

Veggies You Can Harvest All Season Long

 Cut & Come to Again ”You can harvest vegetables all season long With this, chewing a leaf or an edible flower continuously here and there will not stop idle until the Brussels sprouts are ready after the first frost. In that case, one does not have to wait until the whole head of lettuce is properly formed before eating the salad. Move over the glacier and lettuce is being harvested in more and more backyard gardens this summer. Benefits of pruning and returning garden: Continuous Harvest Depending on the type of crop and how many crops are in the garden, you can look at the weekly harvest and the daily harvest. If your fried eggs only need a few fresh onions each day, a bunch will last longer. Its excellent performance You know how long it takes for the seeds to germinate and finally reach the edible stage. This is not a question, it is a fact. This will take a long time. Planting crops in the garden is one thing to be shocked about, but transplanting throughout the s

Autumn Shrubs

 11 Perfect Autumn Shrubs (Plus Care Tips) Shrubs are often defined as "miniature trees" with many stems, and a short height. If you are interested in deciduous plants (a plant that sheds leaves every year), it is important to know what is available. To find out what you would like to add to your landscape or garden, read on to learn about some of the most popular autumn shrubs available. 1. Hydrangeas You can find hydrangeas in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Although they may look very different, there are three things that are common to all hydrangeas:       They prefer fertile soil       They need constant moisture       As you go south, more shade is needed Tags you can read in plant nurseries may suggest planting your hydrangea in full sun, as it will usually wither if left in this place. Especially if you live in the southern part of the country the best way is to make sure they have plenty of shade. 2. Korean Spice Viburnum Korean Spice Viburnum is a flowe

Long flowering annual flowers

flowering annual flowers Most people love flowers, whether they give, receive or decide to grow them independently. They come in many varieties, but there are annual flowers of all descriptions to delight the senses in any season. Some types of annual flowers bloom longer than others. Perennial vs. Annual You may be wondering about the difference between 'perennial' and 'annual' plants. Perennials are planted once and grow each year, while annuals live in a growing season. Some flowers bloom longer than others. We have compiled a list of 28 annual flowers with long flowering periods to brighten up your yard or garden. You can see them here: 1. Sweet Alyssum Sweet Alyssum flowers are beautiful flowers that are easily combined with statement flowers to create bouquets. These flowers have a mild scent that will add a delicate scent to your flower bed or garden. The flowers are relatively small and grow in clusters. Although beautiful, these flowers are consider

Reasons to Get Topped in Your Tomato

 4 Reasons to Get Topped in Your Tomato Plants There are many discussions in the world of tomato gardening, from pruning to fertilizing and so on. Topping - trimming the central stems of the plant - is one of the tasks that will amaze many gardeners. Is it necessary for growth and health? Is this a very unnecessary extra work? Or is there somewhere in between? While topping is not necessarily necessary for the health and growth of your plant, it does come with some benefits to consider when deciding what is best for you. 4 Benefits of Tomato Plants 1. Improving growth Placing tomatoes at the beginning of the season facilitates branching and creates strong central stems. These stems are highly resistant to wind damage and can withstand the weight of heavy fruits. If growth slows down later in the season, this problem can be corrected and strong growth developed at the end of the season. 2. The best flowers As your plant grows upwards, the areas under the stems will have less

reproduce from hardwood cuttings

 Plants to reproduce from hardwood cuttings There are many reasons for spreading plants from hardwood pieces. Usually done in the winter or fall, taking hardwood pieces is a great way to increase the number of plants growing in your garden. Enjoy your landscape, create new hedges or windbreaks and create a more beautiful overall aesthetic. When it comes to breeding, plants are basically one of many species. Softwood cuttings are new growths and are usually taken in the spring, while greenwood cuttings are taken from woody plants. Semi-ripe (or semi-ripe) cuttings are harder and more mature, usually taken in late summer. Plants reproduce from hardwood cuttings If you are new to this, you may want to start planting some of these perennial shrubs and trees first. As they grow and thrive, you can work on spreading new plants. Need to add more color to your yard? Look at these large flowers for planting under trees. Despite the shade, they grow and produce beautiful flowers! 1.

Growing carrots in containers

5 secrets to growing carrots in containers Carrots are not an easy vegetable to grow. It takes loose, rock-free soil that is well-drained and fluffy to better harvest roots. If we recommend you to grow carrots in containers, rather than sowing seeds in the soil - what will happen next on earth? Choosing to use containers in backyards that are more dedicated to playing and ornamental plants than to food-producing lands may also be helpful. Container gardens can complement your garden, allowing you to try new varieties, while also keeping some plants separate for seed storage. Planting in pots gives you the flexibility to plant next to a sustainable harvest. 1 - Selecting the right carrot varieties for the container garden Some varieties of carrots can reach a depth of 12, while others do not grow almost as long. If you choose to grow carrots in containers, you will have good luck growing small varieties at 6-7. Benefits of Growing Small Varieties? You will need very little p

How To Make Compost Tea

A Powerful Liquid Feed For Your Plants Making compost is key to successful organic gardening. This is an important skill that all gardeners need to learn. As a growing medium in compost, pots, and containers, can be used to start seeds and grow plants. It can be spread as a mulch to fill the fertility of growing areas or used to create new garden beds. But there is another way to use compost - not in solid, but in liquid form. A good quality homemade compost can also be used to make tea - a valuable fertilizer that can be used to water around your plants or as a leaf nutrient to replenish soil fertility. What is compost tea? Compost tea does not seem to be a very tasty drink. But for your many plants - that would be right. Fertilizer tea is a nutritious liquid that is made by mixing the fertilizer you make in your garden with water. It's really that simple. By combining fertilizer with water, you are basically liquefying the nutrients in the soil. It can be used to give

Beautiful Climbing Plants for Containers

 Top 10 Beautiful Climbing Plants for Containers Growing climbing plants in containers is a great decorative idea that can be used to decorate your interior or exterior. They can bring nature to any place and it will be entertaining and sweet. However, not all climbing plants can grow in containers. Therefore, in this article, we have covered the best climbing plants for containers. Go and see. 1. Ivy Ivy is an excellent ornamental houseplant and it is one of the best plants for containers. It is a hardy plant that tolerates a variety of poor growing conditions. Growing in any condition, whether sunny or shady. 2. Morning glory This flag is very popular because of its very attractive and pleasant appearance. It is easy to cultivate morning glory. This climbing plant requires minimal maintenance and does not require constant care or constant care. 3. Clematis If you want to have a visible and noticeable container garden, Clematis is a great choice. It is an exotic plant that

idea for keeping seedlings wealth

 Start with clean materials One of the most common problems affecting seedlings is moisture. This problem is caused by a number of pathogens, including Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp., And Pythium spp. This condition usually causes the seedlings to collapse at the base of the stems, and you can often see fungus growing where the stem meets the soil. Seedlings affected by moisture rarely survive. To avoid dampness, thoroughly clean all your potting media (plates, pots, utensils) with soap and water. Follow the sanitizer. Plant with clean hands. Use sterile tubs such as store-bought potting mix. Disease prevention and management Soak for 10 minutes in 10% household bleach solution and disinfect all used pots and pans. Use the fresh potting mix to fill the plates. Do not reuse the potting mixture and do not use garden soil or compost. Clean all tools used for planting and maintaining seedlings. Store them in a clean place when not in use. Use a heating pad under the trays to h

Flowers For Beginners

 Flowers hard for beginners There is nothing better than enjoying the beauty of the colorful flowers in your garden, right? However, you still do not know how to choose the right varieties to grow easily and successfully. Don’t look any further, let’s start today with 15 hardy flowers for beginners. They are great options for anyone with no experience because they are easy to grow with basic care. You need these low-maintenance flowers! These easy-to-grow flowers will not only make your garden and living space clearer but will also help you gain confidence in the garden. With enough sunlight, and little care like well-drained and moist soil they can grow well. Each has its own developmental characteristics, all of which reward your efforts with great growth. It’s time to start with just one easy flower, or pick a few and grow to fill your flower bed, porch container, or pot. 1 Snapdragon Snapdragons bloom profusely with pink and cream flowers. They can withstand severe weat

7 Houseplant Trends That Will Be Everywhere

houseplant trends in 2022 It has been two years since turning our homes into pot forests has become a thing. When the plague drove us into the house, we filled our habitats with trendy fiddle-leaf figs, straight-70s spider plants, and easy-to-maintain snake plants. These houseplants are reminiscent of simple times in the past or wonderful places we could not travel to then. As the epidemic drags on we return to the inland jungle to provide a sense of comfort, beauty, and even companionship. "After two years of living in epidemics, with canceled trips and overall burns, creating a sanctuary in your own home is more important than ever," says Jeremy Osofsky, a plant stylist, landscape designer, and owner of Dirt Queen NYC. Here's what he and fellow botanists Hilton Carter and Maria Green have to say about the popularity of houseplants in 2022. 1. Oversized Statement Plants The soft little succulents in elf size pots are beautiful, but this is the year for the big plants to