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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

checklist for autumn gardening

 Your Essential Checklist for Autumn Horticulture Also, DIYers prefer garden time to work, according to Yates, who saw sales of planting materials such as fertilizers grow by 25 percent year on year in the fall. According to Yates' horticultural consultant Angie Thomas, autumn is the best time for horticulture because the soil is still warm enough to allow plants to grow before winter. “Gardeners have a lot of wonderful things like growing delicious herbs and vegetables in the fall, planting new trees and shrubs, and preparing the garden for winter,” says Thomas. Thomas is part of a team of qualified horticulturists who provide free gardening advice through the Yates app and online chat. He says March to May is the busiest time for planting questions, and three years ago those questions were most common in the spring. "The last two years have seen a 14.35 percent increase in horticultural questions in the fall. One of the most common questions we get is how to impr

11 Plant Combos

 11 Plant Compos you need to grow side by side Step back over time to embrace some of the horticultural wisdom that your grandparents practiced: the idea of ​​sub-planting or planting mixtures of specific plants for their mutual benefit. "The theory behind companion planting is that some plants can help each other take in nutrients, improve pest management, or attract pollinators," said Tom Maloney, a horticultural educator for the Ben State Extension. "Some research has been done on how to attract beneficial insects such as lacewings to the garden to fight pests, so we know this may be useful. We are still researching other aspects of supplementary planting." When you plan your sub-garden, consider adding flowers that attract hummingbirds or flowers that attract butterflies to your yard to invite some other friends. Create a space that will appeal to the younger members of your family by adding the best plants for kids or the exotic fairy garden. Add so

Beautiful flowers named after the food

flowers named after the food Strawberry Custard 'Lily, Sangria' Lemongrass, Campfire 'Rose ... These flowers are much loved and chosen in the outfit because they bring romantic and delicate charm to the living space. In addition to the interesting decorative features, they attract many by their own names. In today’s post, we will share 15 beautiful flowers named after the food. They’re so cute, aren’t they? In addition, they are easy to grow and maintain without the need for any effort or difficulty. Even if you do not have the space, you can grow some in containers or pots that still grow well and give beautiful flowers! So consider their appearance in your garden. After reading the article, we hope you will develop something to improve your outdoor living space. 1 'Strawberry Custard' Lily This flower is a dwarf Asian lily, which shows delicate, cream petals in pink. Its happy growth requires full sun and partial shade. Its flowering period lasts from

Ground Cover Plants to Grow for Your Landscape

 Hardy Ground Cover Plants to Grow for Your Landscape You get tired of mowing the lawn in your yard, don't you? Read our post to find a better solution for you and your garden. I.e. underground plants. They are not expensive and do not require much maintenance grass, on the contrary, they are easy maintenance, environmentally friendly carpet. So, if you are looking for a solution to a problem area or want to upgrade your garden to a new level, these hardwood floor covering plants below are the best alternatives. Ground cover plants are low-growing plants that serve a variety of purposes in your garden and landscape. They give both beauty and function, add color to the yard, and attract important pollinators to your backyard. At the same time, they simultaneously help fight weeds and control erosion. They control weed growth, stabilize slopes, and add interest and texture to your yard. Not only do they give a soft and gentle ground to walk on, they can also spread the sc

10 best fragrant plants

 The best fragrant plants to grow in the yard A lush garden is a blessing. Have you ever thought that there is still something lacking in your garden? Think Aromatic Plants! They will not only give you live greens but also add beauty and greenery to your outdoor space. When choosing fragrant varieties to grow, they can also take the place of artificial air-freshness. Their fragrance improves mood and soul. Also, they stimulate the nervous system and make you more alert, focused and happy. So, we want to write about them in this article. Here are the best fragrant plants to grow in the yard. They grow well in the garden and in containers. They are easy to grow with your care and basic needs. For good reason, we will grow them in your garden and enjoy their aroma. 1 Gardenia Gardenia is one of the most fragrant plants you should choose to grow on your property. This plant is a shrub that produces dozens of creamy satin flowers in spring. The white delicate flowers have a frag

The best rose cultivation tips

 The best rose cultivation tips you need to know to keep your plant healthy Isn’t early morning a happy moment to browse and admire the colorful roses? In particular, those who love roses, look for beautiful and fresh flowers that grow and maintain themselves. If you are also a fan of this queen type of world flowers, do not miss our post today. Here is a collection of the 7 best rose cultivation tips you need to know to keep your plant healthy and create bright flowers. Your flower garden is not only a great place to relax but also a haven of colorful fragrant flowers, of which the rose is the most royal. Every rose bush is a pride of all gardeners for its indescribable beauty. However, these adorable plants do not always bloom well. Even, sometimes they get sick and wither. And this time, maybe you should think about what the reasons are. So, the tips below will help you to avoid some problems to improve your rose growth and health. Read on! 1 Give your rose at least 6 ho

houseplants that grow well on cold winter days

 12 Simple houseplants that grow well on cold winter days When winter comes, you will have months of the snow-covered, dormant garden. This season brings an unfavorable climate for plant growth. However, indoor plants will give you something to do and greenery to enjoy. We have listed 12 easy houseplants that will grow well on cold winter days. Today these hardy plants will help to green your space even in low light, cold months. Not only do they grow well in low temperatures, but they also make your space green all year round. In addition, they provide many health benefits such as CO2 absorption, air purification, removal of toxic gases, and creation of new, airy space. They are very easy to grow indoors without the need for much care. Growing these plants is a great gift that nature will give to your life during the boring winter and the greens you live with will add beauty and greenery to your indoor spaces. 1 snake plant Snake Plant not only has a cool look, it grows ta

10 Beautiful Hydrangea Flower Varieties

hydrangea flower varieties When it comes to the flower world, hydrangea is one of the most beautiful flowers that come in pink, purple, white, and blue and beautiful foliage. Besides its exotic beauty, this flower is one of the easiest and hassle free-flowering shrubs. They can keep their flowers for a long time after flowering and can be brought into your home by pruning them. For these good reasons, many gardeners today prefer to grow them to improve their landscape. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your whole house with colorful and vibrant flowers, Hydrangeas are our recommendation today. Here we have listed 14 beautiful hydrangea flower varieties that you can choose with their growth characteristics. By decorating your entrance with these plants, you can add a lush look to your living space with lush green beauty. Whether it is your backyard, front yard, or path, it will give you a place to enjoy the scenic beauty. Read on to find out more about them! 1 Limelig

Eco-Friendly and Anti-Pollutant Houseplants

 Top 6 Natural, Eco-Friendly, and anti Polluting Houseplants Remove internal pollution naturally You would have practically spent thousands of dollars to buy the latest vacuum cleaners and the latest floor cleaners to help keep your home clean. However, there comes a time when these machines fail to work and leave you with unhealthy dust particles and other contaminants in your home. Instead of synthetic machines, you should choose natural pollutants that come in plant form. When you turn them off these plants are quite unlike the noiseless machines. Also, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to fix them. Replanting plants is very easy. So, to get rid of pollution in your home naturally, you should look at the top 10 house plants you can buy. 1. The Feston Rose plant When looking for a houseplant, you usually want one that requires minimal maintenance. One such houseplant is the lantana Camara or festoon rose plant. The most amazing feature of this plant is that it

flower varieties that will make your skin beautiful

 11 flower varieties that will make your skin beautiful When it comes to skincare, most of you will go to the drugstore and choose a health market product or both. But did you know that you can provide home skincare solutions without the use of cosmetics in your garden? There are so many types of flowers that can beautify and heal if given a chance. Read on to find out what's in your garden or what to grow for what purpose. These flowers will give you natural patterns as they are natural and healthy. Each has its own uses, of course, you can try these ways without any problems. They are easily made with some simple steps and basic ingredients. Look! Then plant flowers that are suitable for your skincare needs. Stimulating cues straight from the garden is easier than you think. 1 Borage For the skin, furan beautifies, softens, and soothes. For tired eyes, you can try relaxing with a cloth soaked in cold borage flower tea or applying a borage-chamomile night cream to refr

Causes of Your Tomato Leaves Turning Purple

Your Tomato Leaves Turning Purple (& How to Repair) Some varieties of tomatoes contain purple fruit, which adds a wonderful pop color to salads and sandwiches. Other tomato varieties have naturally purple leaves. However, if your previously green tomato leaves suddenly turn purple, you may have a problem with your hands. Follow this guide to identify the most likely cause and restore your plants to good health. 1. Potassium deficiency Potassium (K) is essential for intensive growth. It plays a role in the production of sugars and starches to enhance flower and fruit production. It is also essential in the processes that plants use to create their own food. Chlorophyll, located in the cells of plants, helps absorb energy from the sun during photosynthesis. The plant then converts water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates, which are stored to form new leaves and plant parts. Potassium is essential in this photosynthetic process. Adequate potassium can cause p

Easy-to-grow bathroom plants

bathroom plants Growing green plants in the bathroom is a great way to absorb moisture because the plants use it to thrive. In addition, they give the bathroom space a very lively, fresh, and inviting place. If you are wondering about plants that can sustain the conditions of your bathroom, you have landed in the right place. Today, we have listed 11 easy-to-grow bathroom plants that will enhance your interaction with nature and make your bathroom more attractive and pleasant. Aside from bringing green space into your bathroom, growing these plants is a positive effect you should try. They can do double duty as decorative pieces and natural moisturizers, helping to create fresh air, balance moisture, and provide more oxygen. In addition, these plants are very easy to grow without the need for any effort. Therefore, these houseplants are one of the most common candidates for upgrading your bathroom. Now, it’s time to grow some! 1 snake plant The snake plant is an excellent p

How to remove scales on houseplants

Remove scales on houseplants The criterion is different. When you first encounter it, you will not notice it. You will water your plant and you will see this funny brown bump on the stem or leaf and you will not think anything about it. Next time, water your plant until you notice that small brown bumps grow. At this point, you're holding your phone and Google will say "little brown bumps on the houseplant". "It simply came to our notice then. We are going to look at what it is, how it affects your plant, and most importantly, how to remove it. What do they do to my plants? As these little bugs grow they cover themselves with a waxy substance, protecting them from predators and most pesticides and effectively sticking them to your plant. Although a few doses do not cause lasting harm to your plants, it is rare to find them only occasionally. Over time they cause yellowing leaves, pits and brown spots, and the death of your plant from a severe infection. T

The best plants for attracting dragonflies

The best plants for attracting dragonflies and repelling mosquitoes When it comes to beneficial insects, most of you will think of bees or butterflies first. Did you know that dragonflies are one of them? They are predatory, carnivorous insects that feed on a wide range of garden pests, including mosquitoes. Moreover, they have colorful bodies and dramatic aerobic movements that make them a beautiful addition to any garden. They are not only useful but also beautiful! So, if you plan for your garden, add some plants that attract dragonflies, which will transform your yard into a spectacular, mosquito-free area. In today’s post, we’d like to share 15 of the best plants that attract dragonflies and repel mosquitoes that help you enjoy more time outdoors. These plants are very easy to grow and maintain. At the same time, they also show off colorful flowers that attract beautiful insects to brighten up your landscape. Grow some plants in the pond and surround the garden with bl