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 Use scent to deter foxes


Foxes have a very strong sense of smell and will eat almost anything. Gardens with chickens or rabbits, or bird feeders, accessible pots, and crops are particularly attractive. You can use some scents to deter foxes, they are said to dislike the smell of chilies and garlic, so pour boiling water and spray your garden as a fox repellant. Other animal repellents are available, but be aware of the risk to other wildlife and always read the manufacturers' instructions carefully. If a territory is marked by a fox, it will take some effort to move them, and if they feel their territory is being threatened, they may increase the amount of marking.

gardening tips for home

 how to start a flower garden for beginners Plan before you plant. Know what grows in your zone Have the pH of your soil tested so you know what it needs. Put hardscape in first, then prepare your soil with amendments, then plant the next year. Do weed abatement with cardboard over the winter. Start a compost pile. The spring makes everyone garden crazy. Especially first-time homeowners who have no knowledge about native plants. Annuals or perennials. Bulbs or herbs. Vegetable gardens or flower gardens. How big trees grow or what the light is like during the year. How time-consuming a garden is to be beautiful. I spend at least a half-hour a day in my garden with a hoop hoe, weeding. Spend the year planning for next year, reading about your area, and deciding what type of garden you want to grow. Keep a journal and take pictures of your future garden all year so you’ll learn about the shadows and sun. Gardening Tips And Tricks  If you must do something. Buy annual seeds and

How to save vegetable seeds for next year

how to preserve vegetable seeds Why store seeds Saving seeds for next year will seem like a lot of work. But by storing like that create new, custom varieties of vegetables that grow best in your backyard and have fun in the process. Next, we do not have to buy seeds at high prices in the shops outside, we will have quality seeds ourselves. Avoid collecting the same hybrid seeds because they may not germinate for the next generation or give low yields. Choose as many country seeds as possible in your zone. In this article, we will look at how to collect a variety of vegetable seeds for the next season. Can collect any seeds If you are new to seed collection you can save the seeds of easy plants first. For example peas, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. The first thing to keep in mind is that only "open-pollinated" seeds can be stored for the next season. You must mind that few plants can cross-pollinate if they are planted too near each other. For saving seeds, it’s b

how to get rid of fire ants in vegetable garden

how to get rid of fire ants naturally First of all, is this fire ant good or bad? The answer depends on the location of the fire ant. If the fire ant is in a barren land it will turn into fertile land and narrow land into light land. But if it is in your lawn or home garden it will affect your plants and your lawn roots. Bacteria and viruses spread from one plant to another. Fire ants will be itchy for a few days to bite you. It has the potential to come into your home as well. So let’s see in this article how to control these fire ants. These ants are a mixture of red and black. If you see a fire ant in your garden there will be several hundred around it. To control this, it is not enough to give only the servant ants, you have to give the mounds with it and also the queen ant inside it. Impact of Fire Ants  Indoor and outdoor potted plants, Lawns, and garden plants ants will attack and fruit trees Citrus, Apple And fig. If you sowing new seeds in your gardens,  Ants will

organic pest control destructive insect is the hornworm

 The most destructive insect is the hornworm Whether it is your home garden or an ornamental plant, two worms will eat a plant. That alone will destroy your garden if there are ten worms. The worm's name is Horn Worm. Despite its green color, it is called by its horn. There are two types Tobacco hornworm (Manduca sexta) Tomato hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata) The two are almost identical in that the horns on its tail are reddish Tobacco hornworm and black on Tomato hornworm. Although they attack all crops, Solanaceae (nightshade) family: eggplants, peppers, tobacco, and potatoes. We will see how to control the hornworm in this article organic pest control garden - Hornworm  These worm-eaten adults they’re commonly called sphinx or hummingbird moths. These lay their eggs at the base of the plant. In five to seven days the worms will start eating the leaves from the top of the plant. Grows up to 10 inches in a week. Often the attack of these worms is at night. Can't

pest and disease control methods vegetables and fruit rot

Most destructive disease vegetables and fruit Rot This rot disease is the main problem we face whether it is a vegetable garden or an orchard. This rot disease is caused by a variety of causes such as malnutrition, bacteria, nematode, fungus, and high levels of water. Generally, this rotting disease can be divided into fruit rot, stem rot, and root rot disease. This disease Potato Tomato Carrot Squash Melons Pumpkins Cucumbers Cauliflower Cabbage The disease almost kills the rot and infects vegetable and fruit plants. We will see in this article how to control these rot diseases. Bacterial s oft  rot The disease, which is caused by bacteria, infects plants that can be found all over the world. The disease can affect any part of a plant, for example, fruits, tubers, stems, and bulbs of plants in almost every plant family. Symptoms of the disease, the affected areas are a small pit that is brittle. The color will change in that area and it will turn black as it is. How to con

weed management in home garden

 Take out weeds from your home garden If any gardener asks you what kind of work you plan to do in the garden first, most people's answers will probably be weed management. Here a question may arise as to why most weeds are of good or medicinal value and then should be picked. The important thing you need to understand at this point is that being unnecessary is for example if there is a Creeping Charlie in the middle of ten tomato plants in your home garden it is weed. Those weeds will take up the nutrients available to the plant that competes with your tomato plant in space and will be a haven for water-absorbing pests and diseases. In this article, we will look at some important weed management and how to control them.   We cannot stop weeds from coming. So whether it is a lawn or a garden, weeding should be done regularly. Usually, the seeds of a weed are spread from one place to another by air or by birds. The seeds of weeds are the ones that can stay dormant for a

How often should I fertilise my indoor plants

 indoor fertilizer for plants One of the most contested areas for indoor plant lovers. My watching in past years of caring for hundreds of indoor plants is that houseplants don’t really need all that much fertilizer. To elaborate a bit more on fertilizer and interior plants, how often should you fertilize indoor plants A) Less is more B) Fertilizer make schedule should be based on sunlight C) Newly purchased plants don’t need fertilizer for 6 months - 1 year D) Leach plant-soil once a year Less is more More fertilized is maybe one of the important causes of indoor plant demise. Most indoor plants are all native to the forest - so that plants evolve to have a minimum amount of nutrients enough. If you follow the package directions, which usually say to fertilize once a month, your plants will look great for a year or two; then, inexplicably, they’ll start to decline - dropping leaves, yellowing, fading.  If you analyze the soil, you'll find a high salinity level, screwed

how to control pests and diseases in your garden

Most Destructive Diseases in Your Home Garden The impact of plant diseases on your home garden is greater than the impact of pests. If we look at why an insect attack is visible to our eyes and can control it immediately, we can know many days after the onset of many diseases. Although diseases are transmitted to plants in many ways, there are two main causes: airborne and pests. The incidence of diseases is higher during the rainy and winter seasons than during the summer. The impact of diseases on a plant can be divided into three types: Fungus and Bacteria Viruses. In this article, we will look at the major diseases that affect home gardening and ways to control them naturally garden pest and disease control Early Blight One of the most common diseases affecting plants. This disease is especially likely to occur if the tomato plant is in your home garden. It is a bacterial disease that can be spread through soil. After the onset of the disease, a brown spot and a yellow

what nutrient deficiency causes yellow leaves

plant nutrient deficiency If we are not sick, our bodies will show various symptoms. The body is tired and has a headache. Similarly, if the plant is not sick or lacks nutrients, it will show through the leaf first. At the same time, there are many reasons why the leaf of a plant may turn yellow. In the spring the leaves are shed and new leaves germinate again. Plants rest just as we rest. Sometimes the lower leaves age and fall off the repair. All of this can happen naturally. Apart from this, there are many reasons why the leaves turn yellow and burn. Let's see about them. Too much water This is a mistake that everyone can make. Watering the plants more than they need. This makes it difficult for the roots to breathe out of the oxygen in the soil and as the water stagnates the roots rot and the leaves turn yellow and the fruit will crack due to too much water. Give the right amount of water. Buy a wet meter and let the water look at the soil moisture. The roots can be porking ar

How to Control Most Destructive Insect Japanese beetle

 japanese beetle control Insect species include beneficial insects and harmful insects. The Japanese beetle is a beetle that can be very harmful to such pests. The impact of these beetles can destroy more than 300 of our home-grown vegetable crops, such as ornamental plants and horticultural crops. In this article, we will look at this beetle and how to control it naturally . Skeleton Leaves All insects eat leaves. But this Japanese beetle is the most favorite foliage so it leaves the veins of the leaf and eats the rest so the plants look like Skeleton. Whereas some other insects eat similarly. So to make sure this insect is half an inch long it has metallic blue-green heads, copper-colored backs, tan wings, and small white hairs lining each side of the abdomen. Precautionary measure before controlling Japanese beetle Generally any pre-cautionary measure can control 80% of any pests. Keep your garden clean. Remove plants that are not OK. If there are rotten vegetables and d

Top Secrets for your Home Garden Success

In home garden system  Many of us have a desire to create a garden with beautiful flowers or to have a small vegetable garden. It would even appear that at least one Lawn could be set up. But without the right experience or carelessness in setting all this up, the Garden may not succeed. You can easily achieve success if you focus on the little things to keep your garden beautiful and to harvest more vegetables. You can see about it in this article. Learning First "Information is Wealth" This phrase should always be forgotten. Whether you want to start a home garden or maintain beautiful orchid flowers in a blender box inside your home, learn things about it first. Well, learn how. It's so easy. Available online on your phone. Free consultations are also available on YouTube and Facebook Group. So you can start after learning clearly about starting a garden Good plant, Good Seeds. Whichever plant you buy first, the first thing to look for is to buy something t

Raised bed garden vegetables

Raised Bed Gardening Raised Bed Garden is your first choice if you want to grow more and more vegetables in less space. ok, now it may seem that what is the benefit of putting this, you will get four times more than the yield you get when planting in a row. We can do this on our own. If you do not have space for a balcony or terrace, a Raised bed is available in suitable shapes. This method can be chosen if the soil in your home garden is not good. In this article, we will see what is the benefit of putting Raised Bed Garden and Best type Garden Benefits Of Raised Bed Garden ➡ Helps vegetable plants to grow regardless of the surrounding soil when the soil is not fertile. If the soil is affected by diseases, the soil can be removed and replaced ➡ Easy Garden Maintenance Weeds can be easily controlled. It is enough to give only the required amount of water. ➡ More vegetables can be produced in less space if the required amount of natural fertilizer is given ➡ Better Soil Drai

Most Destructive pest In Tomato plant

pest of tomato Tomatoes are an important vegetable in our daily diet. Very tasty can give our body the nutrients it needs. Growing this tomato plant in our home garden can cause a lot of pest infestation and damage to our tomato plant. In this article, we will look at the worms and pests that attack tomatoes and how to control them. Right plants Right Place There are two types of tomatoes. One type is determinate and grows to a certain general height and then stops. The second type is indeterminate and has no such limit. So you can choose the short grow tomato variety. This is because the tomato plant is easily susceptible to pests if it remains in the same place so the plant can be transplanted alternately. pest on tomato plants Tomato fruit worm We would have grown the tomato plant with difficulty. When the pods grow large and ripen, they can easily attack the tomato and break the hole. It affects not only the tomato plant but also vegetables such as soybeans, peppers, to